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One resolution: Drink more water

If you have been reading us for a while, you know we are not big fans of resolutions. Goals? Yes. Commitments to yourself at any time of year? Certainly. However, we are bending our own rule a bit this year. Because if ever there were a resolution worth making, and super easy to boot, it is this one: drink more water. Even better, drinking water may help you with other goals and resolutions if you were to decide to go that route. Here is a peek at how: Water for weight loss or management A 2019...

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Refine Results

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Building a sense of community

You may be surprised to learn that an entire diabetes community exists in Canada, and possibly in your area. Consider getting involved with a local association or a support group. After all, who better to understand the diabetes-related issues you face than someone also affected by the disease or a healthcare professional who has in-depth knowledge on the subject? A sense of community can improve your overall well-being, which means you may find the extra inspiration you need to stick to your eating, physical activity and blood glucose testing...

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Blood Glucose Test Results Help You Take Control

Benefits of monitoring your blood glucose Monitoring your own blood glucose helps you take control of your health, especially once you learn what your test result numbers mean and what you can do with them. A recent clinical research, the Structured Testing Program (STeP), offers the proof. The study concluded that collecting, visualizing and understanding the data of blood sugar test results and focusing treatment based on that data significantly reduced the A1c levels of poorly managed, non insulin-treated type 2 diabetes over a 12-month period. ...

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Tips for making blood glucose monitoring easier

Whether you check your blood glucose level once a week, once a day or 6 times a day, learning how to make checking easy and less painful may inspire you to monitor more often. For people living with diabetes, the knowledge that you gain from checking your blood sugar is the key to staying in management of your health. It helps you make informed decisions about medicine, food and exercise. It helps you cope with the day-to-day demands of living with diabetes; you’ll feel better each day and you’ll lower your risk for future diabetes complications....

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4 Tips to Improve Diabetes Lifestyle

There are probably many things that each of us would like to change about our life, but thinking about them all at once can be overwhelming. Instead, choose just one thing to improve now. Changing any of the things below could have an impact on your life with diabetes, both on your physical health and your emotional well-being. Make testing matter For people living with diabetes, testing more often is the key to manage your health. Frequent testing provides the data you need to make informed decisions about your medication, diet and exercise...

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One Insulin Pump, Five Scenarios

Your insulin pump is a stalwart ally in everyday life, but some situations will require special attention (or a bit of ingenuity) from you; here are five examples. In the shower or bath. Most pumps are resistant to splashes, but cannot be submerged in water. You have two options: either disconnect your pump or find a safe place for it. If you choose the first option, check your blood sugar before and after the disconnection and don’t spend more than an hour without your pump. If you’d rather keep it with you, you can place it on the edge of the tub or in the soap...

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Clixmotion Technology

In the skin, the lancet is brought to a gentle stop, referred to as Soft Stop, and then actively retracted immediately in a linear motion. This fast, controlled motion is noticeably easier on the skin. Gentle through and through Special cut of the lancet  Each Accu-Chek® lancet has a tapered 3-sided cut with optimized angles...

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Managing diabetes for kids

A diagnosis of diabetes should not diminish your child’s quality of life. You and your child will have additional responsibilities over the years, but the added self-discipline may work in your child's favour. As a parent of an infant or toddler newly diagnosed with diabetes, your child’s diagnosis may affect you much more than it does your child. After all, your child is fully dependent upon you for all care, not just diabetes treatments. Even as your child begins walking and talking, diabetes will be a very small part of their world. Children live in the moment. The blood glucose test or injection that was...

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Pain management

5 tips for gentle and virtually pain-free blood sampling Lancing fingers is a vital part of your daily diabetes management. In a recent study, finger soreness and pain were most reported as the main reason people living with diabetes refrain from regular blood glucose testing. One factor contributing to greater pain sensation when lancing the finger is wrong handling of the lancing device. Lancing correctly with Accu-Chek® lancing devices keeps discomfort to a minimum. You can monitor more comfortably with these five easy steps: ...

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