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Building a sense of community

You may be surprised to learn that an entire diabetes community exists in Canada, and possibly in your area.

Consider getting involved with a local association or a support group. After all, who better to understand the diabetes-related issues you face than someone also affected by the disease or a healthcare professional who has in-depth knowledge on the subject?

A sense of community can improve your overall well-being, which means you may find the extra inspiration you need to stick to your eating, physical activity and blood glucose testing plans. You, in turn, might even be able to inspire someone else.

Lastly, don't forget friends and family when you need an extra source of support. While they may not have the medical knowledge that members of your local community possess, they have something just as important -- the love, affection and humor to help you get through many of life's challenges, large and small.

The following Web sites can help you find the information you need about the treatment and management of your diabetes.

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