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Great reasons to get back on your bike

Going for a ride used to be so easy—you'd just grab your bike and your helmet (depending upon what year you were born) and go. There's no reason that has to change. In fact, jumping on your bike again can be beneficial for your body and your mind. Here's why.

  • It makes you more attractive. According to a British Heart Foundation survey, people felt that cyclists were smarter and cooler than other people.1 (Frankly, after reading that, we're surprised you need the other reasons.)
  • It's an excellent head-clearer. Thinking about the ride and what you see along the way can really help you take stress down a notch.
  • It gets you places. Activity can be its own reward, but ride a bike actually gets you somewhere—sometimes faster than if you drove. Why spend a half-hour in the car and another half-hour on a stationary bike? Combine them and you've won time for yourself.
  • It's ideal for weight and blood sugar control. Any exercise helps you burn off the extra glucose in your system and makes your cells more sensitive to the insulin in your body. That means the insulin can work more effectively. Plus, if you need to lose weight, it's an easy way to get moving.2
  • You already know how. If you rode as a kid, chances are you can ride today. The old saying is true—you never forget. Cycling a low-impact activity, so it may be right for you even if you have some physical challenges. Before you set out, talk to your doctor to make sure you're not taking on too much.2

1Independent. "Cyclists are more intelligent, charitable and cool than the average person" says study. Available at: Accessed October 18, 2018.
2Diabetes Canada. Physical activity and diabetes. Available at: Accessed October 18, 2018.

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