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The Accu-Chek engage program is an easy to use online program designed to empower people living with diabetes in the daily self-management of their condition.

Based on your recommended treatment plan, the program aims at providing support between appointments, when patients need it.


>  Developed in consultation with Dr. Michael Vallis, a health psychologist and a contributor to the Diabetes Canada Clinical Practice Guidelines.

>  Aligned with Diabetes Canada’s Clinical Practice Guidelines on goal setting.

>  Based on behavioural science and motivational interviewing principles.


Webinar on diabetes and self-management:


In this webinar, Dr. Michael Vallis* discusses the role of technology in enabling people living with diabetes to better self-manage their condition.



Demo video of the Accu-Chek engage program:


In this short demo video, you will get an in-depth look at the program and see exactly how it works for a patient, as well as for you and your clinic.





Additional resources:

Click here to discover everything engage can offer your patients living with diabetes.

Click here to download a useful goal setting pad that you can use with your patients.




For more information on the program or to add your clinic to the program, call our Accu-Chek Customer Care at 1-877-906-8920 or contact your Roche Diabetes Care representative.


* Dr. Vallis was consulted as part of the development of the Accu-Chek engage program as he is a leader in the field of health behaviour change, specializing in diabetes.

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