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Welcome to the engage program, a personalized online program designed to empower patients and support you. 

This program, based on behavioural science, helps patients actively manage their diabetes between doctor visits while strengthening their intrinsic motivation.  

The engage program helps you by making it easy to see the work your patients have done, the perceived impact and their level of motivation.


Contact your Roche Diabetes Care representative to enroll in the program.


In this video, Dr. Michael Vallis*, a health psychologist with a decade of experience supporting patients to optimize diabetes self-management, introduces the science and rationale behind the program. Find out why this innovative program was developed, the impact it can have on your patients, and the support it will bring you.


In this demo video, you will get an in-depth look at the program and see exactly how it works for a patient, as well as for you and your clinic.




Getting started is easy! 

Contact your Roche Diabetes Care representative

Join the engage program today, so that you and your patients can start benefiting from this unique opportunity!


* Dr. Vallis was consulted as part of the development of the Accu-Chek engage program as he is a leader in the field of health behaviour change, specializing in diabetes.

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