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Sweet Surprises

People living with diabetes often receive books, warnings and tips from healthcare professionals and dietitians about the importance of watching and counting carbohydrates (carbs). Carbs are important for people living with diabetes, but they shouldn’t be the only factor in your food choices. What about sugar, fat, sodium and cholesterol? And beneficial elements like fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals? Limiting foods high in sugar and carbs is a great start, but it doesn’t guarantee the best food choice every time. Why? Sometimes clever food packaging and image specialists can convince consumers a food choice is “healthy”. While it may have a high level of something good, like protein, it may also have a hidden high level of sugar or salt. How can you avoid these food traps?

The best way to manage your blood sugar and make sure your body receives the nutrition it needs for your overall health is to understand the food you eat! Look for nutrition information and serving recommendations on packaging, food tracking sites and apps. Many restaurant websites have also this information available.

Sometimes the healthy choice isn’t the obvious one. Check out our “Sweet Surprises” image above. Are you surprise?


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