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Start the day off right!

It’s a fact: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In addition to providing you with the energy you need, it helps you keep hunger under control and prevent drops in blood sugar… as long as you limit carbohydrate and fat intake in favor of protein and fibre.

Low on time or ideas in the morning? Here’s some inspiration!

Yogurt parfaits

You’ll love how easy it is to make them: just combine low-fat plain yogurt, nuts and fresh or dried fruits.


Have breakfast on the go with your own smoothies, which you can mix and match ingredients for as the mood strikes you—from spinach to peanut butter, there’s no shortage of options!


Hearty and full of fibre, plain oatmeal garnished with fruits or nuts will easily sustain you for most of the morning.


Eggs don’t raise your blood sugar level and they’re chock-full of protein. Scrambled, hard-boiled or in an omelette, they deserve a prominent place on your plate.


Forget about store-bought muffins overflowing with sugar, and bake homemade delights like these instead. High in fibre and protein, they’re sure to brighten up your mornings.


Pancakes can easily fit into your morning routine if you make them with whole wheat flour and don’t add too much maple syrup or sugary toppings.

The best part of all these breakfast ideas?

They’re all things you can prepare in advance to save time in the morning. The hard-boiled eggs, for example, will keep for several days in the refrigerator, and muffins can be frozen, which makes them convenient choices for busy mornings. Bon appétit!


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