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To The Great Outdoors!

What better way to enjoy nice weather than by having a picnic? With a bit of planning, you can have all the fun you want while properly managing your blood glucose.

Summertime, and the playin’ is easy

Your outing can combine good food and physical activity!

If you’re out with friends, bring out your frisbee or your old hacky sack. Have you still got it since high school?

Going out as a family, you can play ball with the kids!

Remember to always protect your skin from the sun.

Crunchy foods, dipping foods

Bring an assortment of raw vegetables to keep you satisfied. This way, you won’t have to resort to salty or fatty snack foods or go overboard on bread, cheese and cold cuts.

Also prepare filling salads from ingredients such as quinoa or legumes.

If you’re more of a sandwich fan, stuff them with vegetables and use whole-grain bread.

Make your own dips and dressings rather than buying them.

  • Great dips can be made using a Greek or plain yogurt base, since those are less fat than mayonnaise. You can add cucumber, mint or herbs. Let your creativity run wild!
  • For dressings, combine:

1) Vegetable oils: olive, canola, corn, sunflower or colza, with a teaspoon of sesame or walnut oil;

2) Vinegars: balsamic, white or red wine, rice, pear, raspberry, etc.

You’ll tend to use two parts oil for one part vinegar, but that proportion can vary depending on the products used.

Add a bit of mustard (Dijon or Meaux) and honey or maple syrup to balance the texture and flavours. You can also add chopped herbs and a tiny pinch of salt or pepper to enhance the taste.

And for dessert? Fresh fruits are in season! (Note, however, that fruits have a high carbohydrate content and should be eaten in moderation.)

The Sunniest Salad

Combine the following ingredients in more or less equal parts (approximately 400 ml each):

  • Corn kernels (You can scrape them off ears of corn yourself or buy frozen or canned corn. In the latter case, rinse and drain the grains before use.)
  • Black beans, rinsed and drained
  • Cucumber, diced
  • Red or orange pepper, diced

Add green onion and chopped herbs to taste (chives, parsley, oregano, cilantro, etc.).

You can also toss in cherry tomatoes, avocado and even mango. This salad goes well with a dressing made from olive oil and red wine or balsamic vinegar.

Drink to that!

As always, remember to stay hydrated!

Bring water instead of lemonade or juice, which contain a lot of sugar. Consider substitutes instead, such as sparkling water, homemade iced tea or water flavoured with fruits or herbs. (Try combining strawberries and basil, or peach and mint!)

Pay attention to your alcohol consumption, too. When you’re outdoors, chatting and having fun in good company, it’s easy to lose track of time and forget how many times you’ve filled your glass. Stay alert!

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