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All About Desserts

It’s the holidays, and a delicious scent of cinnamon and spice is wafting in the air. From homemade pie to French toast, seasonal treats look all kinds of delicious… but how do you indulge your sweet tooth without jeopardizing your blood sugar? It’s easy: just go for slightly healthier variations!

  • Lighten your Yule log. Cut carbs by replacing the frosting by a thin layer of powdered sugar sprinkled with pieces of dark chocolate. The result will be just as beautiful (and yummy).
  • Change up your cheesecake. Use wheat flour, replace regular cheese with low-fat cheese and double the amount of fresh fruits for the topping. It’s an easy way to lower the calorie count and increase your intake of fibre and nutrients.
  • Send pecan pie packing. Have apple pie instead; it features a lot less carbs and calories. That said, watch out for toppings, such as whipped cream, that would cancel out that benefit.
  • Even better: oust the crust. Crustless pies keep all their flavour while doing away with most of the fat and carbs—not to mention they’re easier to make.
  • Keep sugar in check. Try sweetening your desserts with applesauce, mashed bananas, vanilla or nutmeg. You might be surprised at how well it works!
  • Choose dark chocolate. With its flavonoid content and low glycemic index, dark chocolate is said to be good for your heart and much safer for your diabetes.
  • Fruits are a hoot. Bring vitamins and a rainbow of colours to the table with festive skewers of clementine, kiwi and pineapple pieces and a fat-free Greek yogurt dip.
  • You can be both peckish and picky. Instead of reaching into the jellybean bowl, go for plain popcorn: its fibre content and relatively low glycemic index make it a much healthier choice.
  • See to your servings. There’s no better way to treat yourself while keeping your diabetes under control. After all, nothing’s forbidden as long as there’s moderation in all things! We wish you a happy (and delicious) holiday season!


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