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(Somewhat) Healthier Choices For Halloween

Candy, caramel apples and chocolate, oh my! At first glance, Halloween would seem to be anathema to diabetes. Perhaps you even dread its arrival each year and have to fight your natural attraction to the sweets lining store shelves (and their magnetic power over your offspring). But you don’t need to torture yourself like that: enjoying Halloween without going overboard is completely possible! Here are some ideas for kids young and old.

Chocolate. Your best option is dark chocolate—it’s not too sweet and has a low glycemic index. Otherwise, go for wafer-style chocolate bars (Kit Kat) instead of candy with peanut butter (Reese’s), which contains more calories.

Candy. Beware of hidden carbs! To avoid them, go for sweets such as sugar-free jellybeans or sugar-free Werther’s candy.

Snack foods. Make your own trail mix with a large serving of nuts, some dried fruit and a hint of chocolate chips—certifiably delicious!

Fruit rolls. By making them yourself, you’ll cut down on sugar and preservatives while serving up plenty of fibre. Check out this easy recipe.

Deluxe popcorn. Air-popped popcorn is great for its high fibre content and its low glycemic index. To make it a Halloween-worthy treat, add a few drizzles of dark chocolate in the shape of a cobweb.

Cookies. Store-bought products are often disastrous for blood sugar, so why not create your own masterpieces? These oatmeal cookies will satisfy any sweet tooth, and they can be given a festive look using Halloween-themed moulds. Dibs on the ghost-shaped ones!

Pumpkin. This nutrient- and vitamin-rich vegetable is delicious in pie or smoothie form, not to mention that its seeds make excellent snacks. How about that: a multipurpose Halloween decoration!

As always, moderation is the key to keeping your diabetes (or that of your children) under control. There’s nothing wrong with a few treats here and there, but you also have the option of shifting the focus to the party rather than just the food. For example, you could have a horror movie night or give out Halloween accessories such as witch rings or bat bracelets instead of candy at the door—the little monsters and vampires will enjoy those just as well.

Happy Halloween!


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