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A Tour of the mySugr app!

Living with diabetes requires a constant stream of data logging to effectively manage the day-to-day demands of living with diabetes. Luckily, the mySugr app is leading the charge at simplifying all this information right at your fingertips!

8 Cool Features of the mySugr app

We know that the daily grind can get overwhelming. And burnout is real! That's why the goal of mySugr has always been to make diabetes suck less! The mySugr app is a huge piece of that effort and we wanted to showcase all the great features it offers for people living with diabetes. Specifically, we want to share details about the following 8 features:

1. Home Screen with Analysis

The mySugr Home Screen (sometimes referred to as a dashboard) gives you an overview of all your relevant data as well as the option for a more detailed analysis. You will find a graph that clearly displays all your recent blood sugar values, your estimated HbA1c† and all the important data in handy visuals, such as your blood glucose average, hypers/hypos and many more stats related to your daily entries. The more info you log, the more meaningful your analysis will be. If you want to see your averages for the last 7, 14, 30 and 90 days, just swipe to the left.

2. Estimated HbA1c†

Your estimated HbA1c† is displayed in the top right corner of the Home Screen. It is calculated for you when you have entered at least 3 blood glucose values per day for a week without missing more than 3 days of logging. This does not replace your doctor’s actual HbA1c measurements, but serves as an estimate based on your imported values.

3. Meal Tags

The mySugr diabetes tracking app allows you to create a new food log entry with handy tags! You can choose from nearly 50 small icons that describe different situations and emotions. These tags are there to help you better understand the context of each entry.

4. Photo Function*

All that “Instagramming” your meals can now pay off! When you log your meals, you can add photos to your entries. Using the photo function in mySugr not only makes it easier to learn from your data, but also trains your eye to count carbs more accurately in the future!

5. PDF & Excel Reports*

The reports in the mySugr app put you back in the driver's seat and help you make informed decisions about your therapy needs! Give you an overview of your diabetes data and allow you to interpret it. Available in multiple formats (CSV - available in the free version, PDF and Excel), you can easily create your own customized reports from all your data and even send them to your healthcare team before or during appointments! 

6. Blood Sugar Reminders*

Sometimes, life gets busy and you forget to stop and check your blood sugar. Rest assured, we’ve thought of everything! When you create a new entry, you can set a blood glucose reminder. Choose from15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours and 3 hours and you will get a notification to remind you to check your blood sugar.

7. Challenges

The mySugr diabetes app offers challenges to make your therapy a little more fun and engaging by choosing between different missions. 

8. Connections

The mySugr diabetes app allows you to connect your Accu-Chek Guide meter! With a connected meter, not only do you get mySugr PRO for FREE** after logging your first entry, you can also import all your values automatically and create new log entries effortlessly.  We support most smartphones on the market today running Android or iOS version. 

†The estimated Hb1Ac is based on your logged or imported measurements and does not replace actual Hb1Ac measurements. 
*This feature is available in the PRO version of the mySugr app. 
**You can easily unlock mySugr PRO if you connect your blood glucose meter and log your first value. Sync your blood sugar values at least once every 30 days to maintain access to all mySugr PRO features. A value of $37.99 per year.

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