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Getting started with the mySugr app

  1. Download the mySugr app on the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Create your mySugr account.
  3. Unlock mySugr Pro for free to access the advanced PDF report feature and more:
    Pair your Accu-Chek Meter for unlimited access to Pro

    Pair your Accu-Chek© Guide meter for unlimited access to Pro.

    Go to “Connections” on the menu to start the pairing process.

    Get 12 months of Pro for free

    If you do not have an Accu-Chek® Guide meter, get 1 month of Pro for free by visiting and entering the voucher code:
    (Code may be redeemed for 31 days and can be redeemed multiple times by the same user)

  4. Import your BG values automatically from your Accu-Chek® Guide meter and/or log your data manually.

Stay connected: share mySugr reports with your healthcare professional

Share PDF reports detailing 2 weeks or 3 months of your diabetes data.

Producing a report and sharing data

Select 'Report' from the menu

Select "Report" from the menu

Choose the desired time period and click 'Export'

Choose the desired time period and click "Export"

Click the share icon

Click the share icon

Select the app you wish to use to share the report

Select the app you wish to use to share the report

For any questions you might have about mySugr send an email to:

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