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With the right community and the latest technology, people are no longer putting their diabetes first, they’re putting their lives first.

“It’s not
only about
living with it,
it’s about
Nick Pelletier Diagnosed at 29
taught me
how to live
Stephanie Brodie Diagnosed at 14

My name is Stephanie Brodie. I’m 25 years old. I’ve been diabetic since I was 14 years old.

Q: The good parts of diabetes. I guess you never would have thought that’d be a sentence. A: It actually has been awesome because it’s taught me, like I said, how to live healthy. It led me to lead a more active and more healthy lifestyle.

Q: The most frustrating part. A: One of them is getting my insulin tube stuck on a door knob. That’s never a good time. Diabetes gets in the way a lot. It takes up a lot of time.

Q: The positives of diabetes. A: It teaches me how to be active, how to be healthy and how to control that.

Q: Advice I would give to a newly diagnosed diabetic. A: Get involved with things. Open yourself up and try not to make it a negative experience.

gives me the
strength of
Tammy Hand Diagnosed at 10
“I am a wilderness
canoe trip guide.
I play ball hockey.
I play on two baseball teams.”
“I think everyone
who has Type 1
is a little bit hard
on themselves.”
“It might pause me.
But I won’t let it
stop me.”
Amy Burrows Diagnosed at 4
“Connected in Motion
has allowed me to realize
what I’m capable of.”
“The more support you
have, the less you
have to worry.”
“Get support.
Don’t hide behind it.
It’s not your fault.”
Luke Cameron Diagnosed at 10

These videos were made with the participation of the Connected in Motion community.

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