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The insulin pump: getting to know a new partner

Your insulin pump is like an old friend to you. It’s followed you everywhere. Having to replace a device that you know so well can be destabilizing, and with good reason. But remember: the pump is a tool to improve your quality of life, and a newer model will help you take one more step in that direction.

New possibilities
Technology evolves to better suit our needs. Once you get used to the new functions—which, with your old friend, you may never have thought of—you will save time and energy.

The Accu-Chek Combo pump, for example, is designed to be used with a smart blood glucose meter, which can control the pump remotely using Bluetooth® wireless technology.

You also need to take other elements into account: will you be using the same infusion set? The same type of cannulas? You can also base your choice on reservoir size, especially if you require a lot of insulin during the day.

Discovering a new device

You learn something new every day. So you’re a seasoned user of insulin pumps? Good for you! Still, make sure you take a moment to review the precautions necessary when handling the insulin cartridge, the tubing, and so on; among other things, you want to avoid infections.

Familiarize yourself with your new device’s features by reading the user guide. Note the battery type and where it should be inserted. Pay special attention to instructions concerning the display or any element that may indicate a potential problem (noise, vibration, etc.). Write down the serial number of the device and customer support’s phone number.

Take note of your previous device’s settings—your basal and bolus doses and so on. Knowing these figures by heart will be a great help to you as you learn how to use your new pump. You’ll also notice more quickly if anything goes wrong.

Mention the change to your healthcare professional. They can give you valuable advice and help you adjust your new device if necessary.

In conclusion

There you go! With your new friend by your side, you’ll be freer than ever!

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