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Accu-Chek Connect Online videos

Making the most of Accu-Chek® Connect communication features

One of the most exciting features of the Accu-Chek Connect diabetes management system is the way it helps you connect with others.

Let’s make sure your meter is ready to automatically send your results to your mobile app.

Using the Accu-Chek® Bolus Advisor

The Accu-Chek Bolus Advisor is designed to make it easy to identify how much insulin you need to cover the carbs you eat.

After all, automated bolus calculation is much easier than performing the calculations yourself, and a way to control your diabetes.

Before you can begin using the Accu Chek Bolus Advisor, it's important to work with a member of your healthcare team to set up the system and ensure that the settings are right for you.

Introducing the Accu-Chek® Connect Online system

The Accu Chek Connect Online diabetes management system is designed to help you make better decisions about your self-care—with a solution that's wireless, seamless, instant and secure.

By storing your data securely over wireless networks in the cloud, you can review your data virtually any time, anywhere.

It also means that you can choose to share your data with your healthcare team.

Introducing the Accu-Chek® Connect mobile app

The Accu-Chek Connect diabetes management app puts all of your blood glucose data in the palm of your hand.

The app includes tools to identify patterns and see how meals, activity or stress affect blood glucose and helps estimate mealtime insulin needs.

The Accu-Chek Connect app can be used on its own or paired with an Accu Chek Aviva Connect wireless blood glucose meter to streamline your diabetes management.

Additional Accu-Chek® Aviva Connect meter settings

This video will show you how to use your Accu Chek Aviva Connect blood glucose meter to do more than simply check your blood sugar.

You can customize your target range, add comments and review your blood glucose data—all to help you stay on track.

Setting up and using the Accu-Chek® Aviva Connect meter

In this video, we'll walk you through setting up and using your Accu-Chek Aviva Connect blood glucose meter.

Accu-Chek Connect Online

Accu-Chek Connect online portal image
Item Description

The Accu-Chek Connect online portal is a user-friendly platform that transforms data into easy-to-read reports so you can make decisions. Remote access to (and sharing of) your data from any PC with an internet connection. The portal enables you to store all your data (even from multiple meters) in one convenient-to-access place.




Encrypted, secure data storage


Easy-to-read reports


Store your diabetes data all in one place

Benefits and features

• View a summary of all your diabetes information online, whenever it’s convenient.
• Email reports directly to your healthcare team.
• Save time at each doctor visit by sharing your information in advance.

Additional specifications

Logbook, Trend, Standard Day, Standard Week, 3-Day Profile, 15-Day Trend, Settings Report, Diary

Bolus Advice Settings:

Including (but not limited to):
Blood glucose target ranges, Carb ratio, Insulin sensitivity (correction) factor, Insulin type, Insulin acting time, Individualized adjustments for health events (exercise, stress, illness, etc.)


Advanced encryption and secure device pairing with a mobile device